Why buy new?

Why would I choose Dalron over another builder?

For over 50 years, Dalron has been a proud leader in the development of the Greater Sudbury.  Still family owned and operated, now with two generations of home-building experience, President Ron Arnold still fondly remembers back to the first home he built in 1969 on the corner of Michel Drive & Francis Street in Hanmer. Ron had no idea that over the next 50 years, the Dalron team would go on to build over 3500 homes in the Sudbury area.  Today, the Dalron team includes not only original owners and brothers Ron and Dave but also the next generation with Kristi, John & Jonathan Arnold continuing the tradition.  Together with an excellent team of over 175 valued employees, Dalron has evolved into a multi-industry company covering residential, commercial, condominiums, land development, mature living, storage, hotels & restaurants.

Few builder’s have the resources, knowledge and expertise to build custom homes and develop entire neighbourhoods.  Fewer still have been exceeding industry standards in doing so for nearly 50 years !!!  Over the years, Dalron has been proudly honoured as Ontario’s Builder of the year and has received the Service Ontario Home Warranty Program’s Excellence Award a whopping 29 times.  Along the way Dalron has also been named Company of the Year by the Sudbury Chamber of Commerce and has received countless awards from the Sudbury Home Builder’s Association in their “Best NEW…” categories and so much more !!

When you buy a new Dalron Home, you take the guesswork out of home ownership. You know how the home is built and what’s behind the walls. You will receive a Homeowner Manual which will outline step by step the entire building process and involve you from start to finish.

Dalron has a beautiful Design Centre which showcases the current trends in home selections. It is staffed by our Selection Coordinator who can guide you through an enjoyable and stress free process of tailoring  your home to your own tastes and desires.

Our customer service is second to none – with a full time Customer Service Coordinator who will explain how to operate and maintain the systems and be there for you after you move in tool.

Can I choose my own floor plans?

Dalron has many different styles of homes, each with many different interior layouts and exterior elevations. We also have an in-house designer and draftsperson to customize the home to suit your needs.

What type of warranty is offered on my new home?

It is the law in Ontario that all new homes built for resale must be registered with Tarion. The Seven Year Tarion Warranty will be transferred to the homeowner on the date of possession. This warranty protects new homeowners by requiring that the builder repair or otherwise resolve any item in a new home that is covered by the statutory warranty. This ensures that your home is built properly and avoids any unforeseen “problems” that will cost you money to repair.

Why should I consider building a new home rather than buying one that is already built (resale)?

Consider the following:

Energy Consumption/Green Building
Whether “green” means the money you spend on energy bills every month or your concern about the environment — a newly constructed home is virtually always the better option. Homes built today must meet far stricter code standards for energy efficiency than just a few years back. 

You can retrofit many elements of an existing house to improve its energy efficiency, but it’s costly. Even then, because of design of the home, you may not be able to achieve the level of efficiency that is now standard with a newly-constructed home. In addition, new homes typically allow less air filtration which increases indoor air quality, reducing symptoms from those who have asthma or allergies.

Flexibility for Space and Wiring Customization
When you buy a resale house, you get what’s already there—formal dining rooms, small kitchens, fewer bathrooms and windows, small closets, all things that may have made sense when they were built but not necessarily in our day and age. With a new home, you can often customize in the design of interior spaces with the builder, in advance of actual construction. With an older home, you may have to spend substantial sums of money to take down walls where possible — some are load-bearing walls that are not easily moved — to enlarge rooms in order to create the flowing, more open living space that is preferred today.

Replacement Costs
By definition, with a new house everything is new, including costly components — such as the furnace, water heater, air conditioning unit, kitchen appliances and roof, — and doors, windows, and more. In a new home, most of these components come with a warranty. With a resale house, the equipment and structural features you buy have been in use for awhile, and may be close to needing replacement. There may or may not be warranties, but if there are they probably have significant limitations. You can plan ahead financially for a number years with the confidence that your budget will not be strained by sudden and unexpected expenses due to items that break down or wear out.

Do new homes cost less to operate?

New super energy-efficient homes mean lower utility costs, lower maintenance fees, and minimal chance of paying special assessments for repairs.  Dalron homes have better construction techniques and higher insulation values. Consider the cost savings over the next 50 years and the difference is substantial.

What is the average length of time from the purchase to move-in?

This depends on the stage of the construction of the home at the time of sale. On a finished or substantially finished home, possession can take place in as little as a week or so. If the home is custom and has not been started, there are many things to complete from drafting plans that meet your specifications and building permit approval on to crafting the home and completing numerous inspections along the way. This process can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months depending on the size and complexity of the home as well as the time of year that the process begins.

Dalron has many “model homes” that are in various stages of construction at all times.

What is the process for purchasing and building a new home?

Buying a brand new home is a big decision and an important investment, and there is a lot to think about. You want to buy with confidence, enjoy the experience and know that you have made the best decision for you and your family.

Typically, the process of buying a brand new home takes place over time and in several stages. To begin with, you want to take some time deciding on your priorities—what you want in a home, where you want to live (school district) and how much you want to spend—and then explore what's available. Once you have narrowed your choices down to one neighbourhood, one builder and one home, you are ready to work out the details and sign a contract with your builder. Then it's time to step back and let the builder do the work [read more – http://www.chba.ca/buying/steps-owning-new/buying-process.aspx].

Do I need a real estate agent to buy a new home?  

Although a real estate agent is not required to purchase a brand new home, we do value our relationships with our local brokers. Should you wish to use a real estate agent/Broker, the Broker or Broker’s Agent must be present during the initial visit.

Do you have in-house financing available for your homes?

In certain situations, we will consider in house financing. We are happy to meet with clients to see if Dalron in-house financing is something we can assist with.

What is enerGreen?

Dalron is proud of our enerGreen package. It includes many energy efficient features which combine to give you comfort, brightness and energy savings for the operation of your home. Dalron builds all homes to this enerGreen standard. Features include extra insulation in the basement area, rigid foam insulation on exterior walls, extra insulation in the attic, water saving features, just to name a few.